• Transition Tattenhall’s Response to the Glebe Meadow Consultation
    Transition Tattenhall’s Response to the Glebe Meadow Consultation. Transition Tattenhall have submitted a formal response to the Tattenhall Parish Council’s consultation on the future of Glebe Meadow. You can read our response below, as well as the powerful response submitted from local biodiversity expect Chloe Aldridge.
  • Glebe Meadow
    Glebe Meadow. Glebe Meadow can be found on the Chester Road opposite the primary school playing fields. It is a registered Local Wildlife Site, designated by Cheshire Wildlife Trust, and listed as ‘unimproved grassland’. Unimproved grassland is extremely rare in Cheshire and lowland Britain.
  • Mini Meadows
    Mini Meadows. We are running a Mini Meadows project to promote wildflowers in Tattenhall.  We hope to encourage people to either leave a small patch of their lawns to see what grows, dig over a patch and sow wildflower seeds, or even just sow wildflower seeds in a pot.
  • Biodiversity and Rewilding
    Biodiversity and Rewinding. Biodiversity, a term coined in 1985 as a contraction of “biological diversity”, quite simply refers to the incredible variety of life on Earth – every living thing on the planet. Biodiversity impacts each of our lives in many ways from providing us with food to medical discoveries and ecosystem services.  These ecosystem services include everything from cleaning water and absorbing chemicals to providing oxygen for us to breathe and pollinating the plants that provide our food. Biodiversity also provides beauty and cultural value to our lives which has repeatedly been shown to increase mental well-being.