About Us

About Transition

‘Transition’ means the action needed to move from how we live now to a better, kinder and more sustainable future.

It’s easy to feel daunted by the scale of the problems facing the planet, but we firmly believe each and every one of us has the power to make a difference.

Transition Tattenhall are affiliated with the Transition Network, a charity working to build community and enhance collaboration among those working towards a brighter future in their local areas.


Transition Tattenhall is a Community Benefit Society (CBS). The purpose of the organisation is to work in our village to ensure that we actively support the actions necessary to tackle climate change by reducing carbon, improving biodiversity, reducing consumption and strengthening community resilience.

We do this by initiating, developing and completing projects within the village that meet at least one of our aims.

Anyone can become a member of Transition Tattenhall. To become a member each individual must register and purchase one share. The cost of a share is £2 and entitles a member to a single vote to elect directors as well as in all matters brought to the membership for a decision.

Our Team

Nick Benefield


I believe that we can all make a difference to the future and make a better place to live. Each of us can do something to help but I think that taking part and collaborating with others is essential – alone is not enough. I want to be part of making it happen in our village.

Peter Radley


I have lived in Tattenhall since 1993, and spent a career in the chemical industry before retiring.

I have been involved in Transition Tattenhall since its start. It is clear to me that as a society and village, we need to consume less, buy less stuff, look after each other better, make sure none of us are in need, and live to care for our environment and the future we are giving our children. I am hopeful that we can avert disaster and make a positive change in the direction our lives, our society and the planet as a whole is headed.

Adele Evans

Administrative & Membership Secretary

I joined Transition Tattenhall because I believe now is the time to take action both individually and as a village on climate change and community resilience. Community is key for me, together we can ensure the old are cared for and we can learn from their life experience and encouraging them to pass on their knowledge before it is lost forever.

I am especially proud to be a member of the Repair Café team. We have been up and running with great success for over a year now, keeping items out of landfill.

Beth Barlow

Beth moved to Tattenhall two years ago after living in Chester and Northwich. She was a founder member of Transition Northwich for several years and worked for environmental charity Groundwork teaching sustainable development to young people. It was here that she realized that concern for people and environment were the same thing and protecting our joint home became really important to her.  She has worked as a socially engaged artist for almost 30 years in all kinds of communities and worked with groups in Salford and Cheshire helping them with art and funding. In her art work she tries to reuse, lower her environmental impact as much as possible and create art which explores issues. 

Charlie Cooke

Project Liaison Co-Ordinator

I want to be able to say that we did something to improve the future of our community. We can all be part of an organisation responsible for building a brighter future for generations to come.  Taking action on climate change is now critical, and we all have the power, no matter how small, to make a difference in the fight for a better tomorrow. 

I believe that everybody can make small decisions which require minimal effort which makes things better for people and the planet. All it requires is a smidgeon of thoughtfulness, care and appreciation for the world around us. 

Martin Cooke


Until the Cooke family moved to Tattenhall in 2000, Martin had not taken the growing of fruit and veg too seriously: but having had a few lucky firsts in the Tattenhall Garden Show, he is now very keen; and with growing has come composting and recycling on a broader front. And rather than putting on the heating, he puts on an extra sweater.  He is now an enthusiastic elder of Transition Tattenhall.