Our Engagement Day on 10th October generated lots of great ideas and discussion about the Tattenhall that people wanted to see in the future. We spent the afternoon session coming up with project ideas that would help us to get there.

We’ve grouped these project ideas into three main groups (although there is quite a bit of overlap between the groups) which you can see below.

Community Resilience

  • Re-instate homewatch (in some guise)
  • Develop a youth forum (inc. school)
  • Communal Gardening (garden/produce share)
  • Encourage use of church buildings
  • Community repair/training facility
  • Explore options for reducing cost/extending hours of transport
  • Improve Highway (and footpath) management and safety
  • Keep a whole village community event


  • Biodiverse Community Orchard
  • Mini-Meadows across Tattenhall – Wild Weekends – Walks and Activites
  • Biodiversity Strategic Plan  Whole Parish Audit/Action
  • Tattenhall Circular Walk (and woodlands, footpaths)
  • Composting – help people to do their own, communal

Reducing Consumption

  • Genuinely local food market
  • Village wide food strategy
  • Community Market Garden
  • Library of Things
  • Refill shop
  • Local freecycle
  • Eco Hub (home for ideas like refill shop, library of things etc))
  • Electric Community Minibus
  • Electric car charging points (at Eco Hub)
  • Campaign for better binning
  • Easy Wins Action roadshow
  • Village Gateway Signage ‘think local’

This is a great start made by the attendees in a relatively short time, but is by no means an exhaustive list of the potential projects that could be undertaken. If there are any projects you would like to get involved with or anything else you would like to see, please do get in touch transition.tattenhall@gmail.com