Engagement Day

On 10th October we are hosting an Engagement Day to gather the thoughts, ideas and concerns of as many Tattenhall residents as possible.

Climate Change is an issue that affects all of us now and which will affect us even more severely in the future. To prepare and protect the village from this future there are many things we can do – but where to start? This is the focus of the Engagement Day, to develop an idea of where we want to be in the future and identifying projects that will help us to get there.

The day starts at 11 am at the Barbour Institute with a warm drink and a welcome. To kick the day off, we’re very lucky to have Helen Tandy from Eco Communities UK along to briefly speak about her experiences in this field.

The morning session will then be a series of short exercises spent in pairs, with five minutes on each of; the good aspects of the village, the less positive aspects, new things we’d like to see. These ideas will then be organised into four main areas; Carbon Neutrality, Reducing Consumption, Biodiversity and Community Resilience.

In the afternoon, participants can choose their favourite of these four topic areas and, in these groups, think about the themes and ideas identified in the morning session to come up with ideas for projects that could address them.

At the end of the day there will be an opportunity to see all of the project ideas from each of the topic groups. You can share your support for any of the potential projects, as well as signing up for any you would like to become involved with.

When the day winds down at 3pm, together we will have generated a starter list of projects to begin moving us forward to a more sustainable future. How exciting is that?!

We’d love for you to be there – if you’d like to come along, or have any questions about the day, do get in touch at transition.tattenhall@gmail.com