Community Resilience

  • Meditation

    Our weekly meditation sessions in the Church are held each Tuesday from 6:15 – 7pm

    Meditation can help with reducing stress and anxiety, improve focus and clarity of thinking, and even improve how we sleep.

    You can sit in silence or use headphones to follow along to your own app or audio. If you are new to mindfulness and meditation we can give you loads of ides to help get you started so please do get in touch. We are also able to offer a 50% discount on your first annual Headspace subscription so do get in touch for the unique discount code. You can reach us at

    The sessions are free, but donations to the upkeep of the Church will always be welcome. This is a great opportunity to relax and reset in a quiet and beautiful setting. So do come along and find out more, all you need are warm clothes!

  • Repair Cafe hits fundraising target

    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our Repair Cafe fundraising campaign on Spacehive.

    With generous pledges from 40 members of the wonderful local community as well Tattenhall & District Parish Council, CWaC’s Cheshire West Crowd Fund and CWAC’s Tackling Poverty Fund we have hit our fundraising target and have enough to set up the project.  

    We’re busy getting everything in place for first event and the first pop up will be held on 31st July in the Barbour Institute.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

    If you like to practice mindfulness / meditation, and would like to use the peace and tranquility of our beautiful old village church in which to practice, then why not join us on Tuesday evenings from 18.15 – 19.00, starting on 26th April?

    Use your own method, be it in compete silence, or with the aid of a meditation app on your device and earphones/pods.

    There will be a bell marking the beginning and end of a period of silence, although don’t be put off if you arrive late or wish to leave early!

    Do contact us if you have any queries or come to the first meeting 15 minutes early.

    Mindfulness and meditation have been proven to help people feel more relaxed, less stressed, and happier. If you’ve not tried it before but would like to try, there are many apps that you can download onto your phone to help you practice.

  • How you can support the Repair Cafe

    You might have heard about our aim to open Repair Cafe in Tattenhall.  A repair cafe is a pop-up (ours will be in Barbour Institute) where volunteers fix your household equipment which might otherwise get thrown away. Repair cafes are not unusual, they are popping up all over the country and we think it’s time Tattenhall had one. 

    This is for simple repairs on generally low value equipment where a professional repair is not needed, or cost effective – think broken chair leg, ripped cushion, broken kettle lid etc.

    Repairs will be free but there will be a cost in doing this. It will cost nearly £2000 over a year for 12 events, but with set-up costs like insurance the first event will cost more than the rest. 

    Transition Tattenhall have applied for funding from Cheshire West & Chester Council. We have applied via Spacehive, the crowd funding scheme CWAC uses to part fund well supported community projects.

    So, to be successful we have to demonstrate that this project has support, and this is where you can help us.  You can ‘Like’ our project on Spacehive and pledge financial support from as little as £2. 

    Our first milestone is 9th May when CWAC will select projects to move on to the next round based on how good they are and how well supported the project is – we’ll need as many supporters as we can find.

    So please support us, ‘Like’ our Spacehive project and pledge if you are able – you can find our page here; 

    Tattenhall Repair Cafe  

    Transition Tattenhall are pleased to say that Tattenhall Parish Council is supporting our Repair Cafe with a grant of £500. This is much appreciated and a welcome show of confidence.

  • Repair Cafe

    One of the first projects we will be running is a Repair Cafe or Facility in Tattenhall.
    What is a Repair Cafe?
    The purpose of a Repair Cafe is to repair equipment or machines that would otherwise get thrown away. The equipment gets fixed, stuck together, sharpened or advice given on parts needed.  It can be anything portable – household electrical, furniture, clothes, textiles, garden tools, bicycles. All fixed for free or a small cost.

    Repair cafes stop waste, reduce consumption, and build community links. Usually they are pop-ups, maybe one day/month.
    Clearly we are starting from nothing, there are many details to be settled, and things to do.  If you’d like to be involved and help get this off the ground please drop an email to

    There will be a zoom meeting for everyone interested to meet and decide what to do next – Tuesday 8th March in the evening with a link being sent out closer to the date. 

    Hope you can join us

    Here are some links to some existing repair cafes in the local area

    Congleton Repair Cafe

    Birchwood Repair Cafe

    Shropshire Repair Cafes

    Transition Buxton’s Repair Cafe