Tattenhall Kind

Initially, Tattenhall Kind was set up to support the Ukrainian refugees that are living and studying in our village. In the long term, we hope it will become a valuable resource to support anyone in need in Tattenhall and create the sense of community spirit and cohesion that is the heart of a strong and kind village. 

The three principles of Tattenhall Kind are: 

Donating items to those in need. 

– Items can be request (anonymously if required) by emailing tattenhallkind@outlook.com or by completing one of the request forms. You can find a request form at the Barbour Institute or Tattenhall library, or you can download it here.

These items will be sourced via the Tattenhall Kind Facebook page and by word of mouth – already there is an inventory of items offered. 

Sharing stuff

– Saving items from the tip or charity shop such as school uniforms, plants, paving slabs, paint, surplus veggies etc keeps charity within the community. 

Helping out

– Any specific skills such as bike repairs or lending items, for example DIY tools and gardening equipment. 

The above already happens throughout Tattenhall, amongst neighbours, friends and through the Library, Facebook, Transition Tattenhall and other causes. The aim is to create a network to connect people through the new Tattenhall Kind Facebook page, celebrating the efforts of all those who get involved in spreading kindness. 

How can you help? By joining the Tattenhall Kind Facebook group, by telling your friends and neighbours, by thinking before taking items to the tip or charity shop ‘might someone in the village be able to make use of this?’, by donating items. By being kind 🙂 

Thank you for your support.