What can the Repair Cafe repair

Our aim is to fix, repair or renovate household items which you might otherwise throw away and replace.

Generally these have only a low or moderate monetary value. We don’t want to repair items that you would reasonably get commercially repaired, there are people who make their living doing that and we do not want to compete with them.

We can look at electrical repairs, mechanical repairs, textile repairs, even sharpening tools.

Examples of items we can try fixing are;

Irons, kettles, kitchen equipment (not white goods – insurance restrictions), home tools, garden tools (although nothing with petrol in it – Barbour Institute restriction), lamps, chairs, tables, garden furniture, table cloths, bedding, toys (soft and hard), mend/replace zips, pushchairs, vacuum cleaners.

We can sharpen kitchen knives, garden tools, our wits.

We can mend pots, garden furniture, not broken hearts, but we can mend socks.

We can do simple computer repairs you might not want to pay for – like fix a mouse or clear out a desktop.

If you’re not sure then come along and we will see if we can help – most times we can.

Remember all our repairers are volunteers, not every repairer can attend every repair cafe. It may be that the particular repairer with a skill you need is not at that repair cafe, though we try to cover all bases at each event.