Our Director Roles

Here are brief outlines of the director roles within Transition Tattenhall.

The role of the Chairperson 

To help meetings run smoothly and effectively and make sure eve-ryone gets the chance to speak if they want to. To be the main contact of the group. Plan the meetings in advance and prepare an agenda. Having an overview of the work of the group and help the committee to work together as a team. 

The role of the Administrative Secretary 

Taking minutes of the committee and general meetings. Receiving and responding to or forwarding information, emails and letters. Sending out agendas and minutes of meetings to the com-mittee members. 

The role of the Treasurer 

Keeping a record of money going in and out of the group funds. Check and keep bank statements. Keep receipts for all items bought. Keep paperwork for all grants and money received. 

Have a system for dealing with expenses and petty cash. Provide an annual monetary report at the AGM. 

The role of the Executive Secretary 

Shall ensure all licences and insurances are kept up to date. That the rules of the society are followed by the members. Report annu-ally to the FCA on the society’s affairs. Provide an annual audited accounts to report to the FCA. 

The role of the Fundraiser 

Know when grants, funding and crowdfunding becomes available and apply for them in collaboration with Directors and Project leads. Keep a record of donations to hand over to the Treasurer. Come up with ideas for funding such as raffles, collections and pledges. 

The role of a Media & Marketing Officer 

Handle the posts on Social Media Send out email blasts to potential members/backers Send out a newsletter to the membership/ interested parties 

The role of Project Liaison Co-ordinator 

To receive updates from each project manager. To report to the committee on the progress of the projects. To re-port to the committee on any funds needed. 

The role of the Membership Secretary 

Shall keep a register of all the names and addresses of group mem-bers. Shall keep a subscription book to record all payments of members and forward them to the Treasurer.