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Meditation and Mindfulness

Reasons for being in our community church together for 30 minutes without words

It may at first seem like an odd thing to traipse down to the church every Tuesday evening to sit with others in silence for thirty minutes, and then go home again; but there are reasons for this!

All spiritual practices have periods of quiet structured into their timetables, whether they are called meditation, prayer, reflection, mindfulness, or remembrance. In our fast and busy modern age we seem to have lost the wisdom and benefit of such ancient traditions. They give you, the participator, an opportunity to relax and ‘be’ in the present moment rather than ‘do’; step aside from immediate preoccupations and worries; listen to your thoughts and feelings, and reflect. This may later help in decisions you might make, or change a particular situation you face.

These practices give you the opportunity to rest awhile in awareness and refocus. Many recent scientific studies on individuals practising meditation have been shown to generate benefits for the individuals concerned and greater empathy and compassion towards ourselves and those around us, and so contributing towards our personal and wider community resilience.

It is not our intention or expertise to favour or teach any one of these practices, but merely to offer the opportunity to practise them once a week in our quiet and peaceful village church. 

We are so fortunate in our in our community to have a beautiful old village church which lends itself to this kind of quiet attention, the site of which has supported such experience from others in our community (and for some our ancestors!) for at least a thousand years! We are also fortunate to have a forward looking church community that supports the use of the building for such wider secular use today.

Other benefits of meeting others from our community regularly without words can enhance our feelings of connectedness to others within our community and comfort to those in need, without any need for explanation.

So come along, and let’s sit with ourselves together for thirty minutes without words on a Tuesday evening and see where it takes you!