Great Big Green Week

Great Big Green Week is running from 24th September to 2nd October this year. This is the UK’s biggest celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature.

The concept for Great Big Green Week was created by The Climate Coalition and events in Chester, including the Great Big Green Week Festival in Grosvenor Park, are run by EcoCommunities.

Various groups are organising activities during the week to celebrate Tattenhall’s ways of supporting these goals.

Making the most of our green spaces

On Saturday there will be a Green Dog Walk commencing in Barbour square at 2.00pm. The walk will pass through several of our newly created Green spaces. If you aren’t already a member and would like to join please come along.

Keeping our streets clean and free from litter

Throughout the week the volunteer litter pickers will be tidying their areas of the village culminating in a collection of their rubbish which will be photographed for everyone to see.

Enjoy a Bee friendly treat at Alison’s Cafe

During the week go along to Alison’s Cafe for a coffee and Bee friendly cake. Alison is kindly donating 50p from the sale of each cake towards buying more wildflower seed for the mini meadows in the village next Spring.

Enjoying our green spaces and keeping healthy

The Sports Club is holding a Fun Family day on Sunday in which the green spaces around the club can be enjoyed by everyone. They are also going to be providing free dog poo bags thanks to the Parish Council. The club is also going to support the mini meadow project by finding a space to create a new meadow next year.

Tattenhall becoming free from single use plastic

The village is well on the way to gaining the Bronze level for reducing Single Use Plastic.

Tattenhall Park Primary School

The school is having a talk about single use plastic later in the month and the children will be making a special sculpture to go in the park to remind people to put their litter in the bins.The Eco Committee will be deciding on a school project during the week.

Help with reduction of energy

It is hoped that the village can borrow a thermal imaging camera to help people see where the heat is leaking from their homes. People need to sign up at any of the Parish Council surgeries which are now being re- instated.

Sandy Bears

Sandy Bears have surpassed themselves, they are: 

  • Litter picking
  • Car sharing/walking to work
  • Nature trails and exploration
  • Planting bee bombs
  • Vegetarian day
  • Plastic free day
  • Planting Winter vegetables on the allotment
  • Turning the electric down 2 deg

Well done to the nursery for covering so many topics in one week!

The Church

The church is holding a meeting for their congregation to explain all the good work they have in hand and what comes next:

  • Reducing and eliminating single use plastic
  • Reducing their energy costs
  • Planting a mini meadow in the church next Spring and designing a Prayer Garden
  • Reduction is the use of paper
  • A sales table to recycle redundant items

The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

The ice cream farm has generously agreed to donate more wildflower seed to the village for next years mini meadows

Transition Tattenhall

We will be identifying new areas for mini meadows for next Spring plus helping supply information about how to save energy.

A Repair Cafe will take place on the morning of Sunday 25th September.