Carbon Neutrality

Have you ever wondered what your carbon footprint was?

A carbon footprint is a measure of the greenhouse gasses emitted and can be calculated for individuals, organisations, products, events – almost anything really.

While it is impossible to measure exactly, there are some very good, free tools available online where you can calculate a rough carbon footprint for yourself and see how you compare to the UK, and Global, averages. The UK target for 2021 is 10.5 tonnes annually per person as this is where we need to be now based on the government’s aim of being carbon neutral by 2045. Naturally change needs to happen at all levels or society and infrastructure, it doesn’t end with individual consumption, but there are changes we will all have to make and finding out your current carbon footprint is a great place to begin.

The results can be eye-opening – maybe you’re doing much better than you thought, possibly you footprint is much larger than you were expecting, but either way it can show you some areas for improvement and which changes may have the biggest impact.

Here are links to some of the tools available online.

The WWF Footprint Calculator

The Carbon Footprint Carbon Calculator

The Resurgence & Ecologist Carbon Dioxide Calculator

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